To sharpen my skills with my new Modo > Substance Designer / Painter > Unity pipeline I'm modeling a F117, texturing it then bringing it into unity/marmoset to make a 3D interactive thing to show it off.  I'm posting images here of the progress as I go.

major modeling done, just putting in landing gear and bomb bay stuff now.


Paddle Battle

Here's a bit of what I'm working on currently. It's a tron themed pong game I'm doing with some people from the internet to get some experience in unity. I gotta say that unity is pretty easy to get into, if a bit restrictive in some areas that I'm used to having more control over, but I'm liking it.


Textured props for "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2".
Responsible for texture maps (diffuse,bump,spec)

Textured props for Hotel Transylvania.
Responsible for texture maps (diffuse,height,spec)

Props for use in the Popeye sizzle reel for Sony.  Responsible for Texturing.
Sadly the project was canned, but you can see the sizzle reel here:

High poly props for use in pre-rendered environments.
Responsible for Modeling and Texturing.

Very low poly humvee for military training simulation.

Truck for use in a military simulator. Responsible for modeling, texturing, UVs, as well as LODs and collision meshes.

Robot concept art.