Something I did for a friend over a few hours this weekend, its to help him calibrate a process for computers seeing. I for one welcome our robotic overlords.


Slack Tank

I'm trying to get permission from work to post the two planes I got to make this month, in the meantime though here's the tank I did for the art test that lead in a roundabout way to me getting the job I have now. Its only 800 polygons, I'm pretty happy with the model, not so much with the texture job I did on this one. What a difference a year makes.


Spaceship xx

I made this tie bomber for a buddy of mines fan film, thought I'd post it here to since its work I've done and I'm way behind Kacey in posts.


Post-It Bots 01

Here are some post it note doodles I did during meetings at work. I haven't been updating the this blog as often as I like so I thought I'd throw these up here. Work has kept me busy and I've been slacking hard when I get home, so sorry that I don't have more robots to show you. Hopefully this will all be remedied soon and I'll have more time to do cool things instead of be lazy.



This is a design for infiltrating ostrich farms with robots. the coloration isnt very convincing but luckily ostriches aren't too sharp so it still works. With a army of these robots we could integrate into ostrich society and steal all their eggs, dooming a generation of ostrich to the fate of giant omelets at the breakfast restaurants we will open in phase 3.



First colored robot! Moving on up.




This came out looking a bit silly, but I spent a few hours drawing it so I'm posting it up. I was trying to make a humanoid robot and made it kinda tarded by mistake. New to the blog, post processing images before posting!



Robot bird would like you to point her to your metal eggs, so that she may sit on them.


Helper robot would like your attention. He's mostly spheres.



Heres a cylinder robot, his arms fold into his chest and he goes around eating all the loose change he can find. He's a hungry hungry bank bot. A little more perspective in this one in the top of the head and such, but a lot looser than I'm used to drawing. Still trying to teach myself its ok to not have perfect lines :)



This is a early attempt at a modular designed biped, one of my first attempts with drawing pieces in different perspectives so that you can get a idea of how it'll look in 3 dimensions.



big metal bird, it flies probably


This is a little scout robot thing.


I like the hands from this one, tried out a spherical shoulder setup.



This is a model sheet of a redesign of the Scimitar fighter/bomber from the old wing commander games, I plan to get around to coloring this soon.


Heres a old one to start off the blog, Its a tank with legs. I'm going to go through all my old work and get some good concepts to start with.