This is a design for infiltrating ostrich farms with robots. the coloration isnt very convincing but luckily ostriches aren't too sharp so it still works. With a army of these robots we could integrate into ostrich society and steal all their eggs, dooming a generation of ostrich to the fate of giant omelets at the breakfast restaurants we will open in phase 3.

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  1. phase 4 = profit
    phase 5 = fund new dethklok album
    phase 6 = melt faces
    phase 7 = use "number eleven in vicious yellow" to harvest face run-off
    phase 8 = use face run-off to fertilize ostrich/giraffe hybrid eggs
    phase 9 = hatch hybrid eggs
    phase 10= nurture baby girafftriches with TLC (feigned)
    phase 11= climb girafftrich necks to moon to harvest precious moon rocks.